How To Apply For Pharmacy Drug License-Certificate Online In India (Required Documents & Eligibility Criteria)

The Indian pharmaceuticals industry is the third largest in volume and the thirteenth largest in value. India is also an important exporter of generic drugs to other countries across the world. If you are considering starting a pharmacy business then let me tell you that it’s a great idea.

This business has high success rates as it is not impacted by the economic cycle of the country. To start a pharmacy business you require less space and less capital investment so this is one option that is worth considering. In this article we will tell you how to apply for pharmacy drug license or certificate online in India.

How To Apply For Pharmacy Drug License

Registering your business

The pharmacy business can be basically divided into four different types, based on the format. You can choose any of the following formats to set up your own pharmacy business:

  • Hospital Pharmacy: This type of pharmacy is set within a hospital to meet the requirements of the patients who are admitted.
  • Standalone Pharmacy: This is one of the most common formats that you can see around you. The standalone pharmacies are usually set-up in the residential areas.
  • Chain Pharmacy: You can see a chain pharmacy within a shopping mall or other posh areas. These are a part of the pharmacies chain.
  • Township Pharmacy: If the pharmacy is located within a township then this set-up is known as the township pharmacy

Most of the pharmacies in India usually come under the standalone format. The chain pharmacies and town ship pharmacies are growing in numbers but they are still way behind the race. The hospital pharmacies are usually owned by the large hospitals.

The registration process for any pharmacy is regulated by the Indian pharmacy Act of 1948. According to it, a pharmacist should register all this important documents with the state government by the help of a gazette officer. Once you have submitted your particulars, a registration tribunal will evaluate and decide whether or not the registration should be given.

The hospital, township and chain pharmacies are usually established under the private limited company constitution, whereas the standalone pharmacies come under the proprietorship or partnership constitution.

The registration through Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) constitution has gained a lot of popularity among the standalone pharmacists. It helps in promoting the rights of the different partners in a business.

Tax Registration

In India if you wish to buy or sell anything, you need to give VAT so if you are setting up a business it is essential to get your VAT registration done. To do this, you need to contact the state’s VAT Department or Sale Tax.

Getting a license

If you wish to sell medicines in your store then you need to obtain a license. There are mainly two types of drug license issued by the Drugs Control Organization –

  • Retail Drug License (RDL) for general chemist shop
  • Wholesale Drug License (WDL)to set up a business for drugs

Documents needed for the pharmacy license

  • Duly filled application forms
  • Declaration form
  • Receipt of fee deposited
  • Details regarding the possession of premises
  • Proof of ownership (if the premises is rented)
  • Proof of constitution law firm
  • Complete bio-data form
  • Blue print of site plan
  • Blue print of key plan
  • Affidavit of non-conviction of Directors/ Partners/Proprietorfalling under Drugs & Cosmetics Act-1940,
  • Experience Certificate of Registered Pharmacist/Certificate of Delhi Pharmacy Council/ Experienced person and qualification certificates
  • Affidavit of Competent person working full-time with the duly attested by Notary/Registered Pharmacist

To run a pharmacy business you need a registered pharmacist to work with your full time. We hope the above information helps you get a solution for how to apply for pharmacy drug license or certificate online in India.

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