How to Apply For Pan Card Online in Delhi – Online Application Registration Details

PAN Card is also known as Permanent Account Number and the card is issued by the government of India. The card is required to make financial transactions. For example, when a person in working somewhere, he needs to submit his PAN number so as to get his salary. The PAN number helps the government in keeping the track of income tax. In this article, we have listed the application procedure of PAN Card

What are the Uses of PAN Card?

Some of the uses of the PAN Card are listed below

  • PAN Card is required for filing income tax
  • PAN Card is required for all the transactions above Rs 50000
  • PAN Card is required for buying and selling assets
  • PAN Card is required while making any investment.
  • PAN Card can also be used as an ID Card.

What are the Steps to Apply for PAN Card in Delhi?

Follow the steps mentioned below to apply for a PAN Card in Delhi

Step1: You can start by navigating to the Tax Information Network of Income Tax Department. Alternatively, you can click here and the form for applying for the PAN Card will be displayed.

pan application

Step2: Now, you can fill the basic information on the form. You would require starting with Application type and Category to start with and then you can fill the basic personal information required by the form. Once you have filled the form, you can go ahead and submit this form.

Step3: On the Next page, a registration number will be displayed and that will also be shared on your email id. Click on Continue to Form button and the form will now be displayed.

Step4: On the form, you would require to enter the Aadhaar Number and an OTP will be generated which can then be used for verifying the Aadhaar Number provided

Step5: Start filling the form and once you have filled the personal details, you can go ahead and fill the Contact Details. After submitting the Contact Information, you would be asked to submit AO Details and then you would have to upload the documents required. It is also mandatory to submit an e-KYC.

Step6: You can select on the paperless PAN and in that case you can simply go ahead and upload the photo and the signature. This would eliminate the need of printing the form and couriering it to the Income Tax Department.

Step7: Once all the details have been filled, you can go ahead and pay the registration fee. The fee can be paid with help of online medium such as credit card, debit card, mobile wallet and Net Banking.

Step8: Once the payment has been done, a form registration number will be generated and you can now save the registration number for tracking the progress of the application. The pan card will be delivered to you within two weeks and if in case you do not receive you, PAN Card, you can call the helpline number and escalate the issue.

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