How to Apply For New Gas Connection Online in Delhi (Bharat, Indane & HP)

The government of India is moving everything on a digital platform. From applying for a birth certificate to getting a passport, almost each and every procedure can be performed online and the required work can be done in comfort of the home. The government is pumping in a lot of funds for the digitalization. Since a long time, getting an LPG gas connection had been always difficult but the government has now introduced an online application procedure for the application of a new gas connection. It is also possible to order an LPG cylinder through online medium. Another advantage of this is that the account can directly be linked with Aadhaar card and hence the customer can enroll for Direct Benefit Transfer without any major problem.

To understand the basic procedure for the application for a new gas connection, you need to first select the service provider. There are several LPG connection providers like Indane and Bharat Gas. The application process will start by visiting the dedicated website of the company whose gas connection you are willing to apply for. In this article, we have chosen Bharat Gas and the procedure is listed as per the application process of the application process of Bharat Gas. If you are willing to take a connection from any other service provider, you may follow the same procedure as the steps are similar for all the companies.

Steps to Apply for New Gas Connection through Online Medium in Delhi

To apply for a gas connection through online medium, follow the steps mentioned below

The first step of the procedure is to visit the e-portal for the Bharat Gas. This can be done by clicking here. Once the page is displayed, you can proceed with the registration process by clicking on ‘Get a New Connection’. The link for the registration is mentioned on the left hand side of the page.

Bharat Gas Connection Online in Delhi

On the next page, enter the state as Delhi and enter your district in Delhi. Once you have entered the details, you can go ahead and click on display list. Select the nearest distributor and click on the next button. Once you click on the next button, a KYC form will be displayed.

Now, fill the KYC form. You would require to enter the personal details, address details and the bank account details. You can also enter your Aadhaar details to avail the benefits of DBT. It should also be noted that you would require submitting a photograph, identity proof and address proof for the successful registration. You have two options for the same and you can either upload a digital copy of these documents or you may also choose to submit these documents to the distributor.

Once all the details have been filled, enter the OTP and then click on Generate OTP. You would now require to validate the OTP that you received on the mobile and the email.

The application will now be forwarded to the verification officer and once all the details have been verified, the application will be approved and you will then be registered as a new customer for the LPG distributor. In case there is an issue with the documents, you will be contacted by the distributor and the information will be shared with you. You can then submit the missing documents to the distributor.

Please Note: If you are not willing to take the subsidy on LPG gas, you can choose to do the same during the registration process and it should also be noted that after successful registration, you will be able to order LPG through online medium.

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