How To Apply For Meat Shop License Registration in India

Owning a meat shop in India under current political circumstances involves a lot of responsibility.  You need to be really careful that you abide by the laws set by the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act 1954 and Municipal Corporation Act of the state where you wish to open the shop. The shop timings are established by Shops and Establishments Act, and it differs for every state. In this article we will take you step by step through how to apply for meat shop license registration in India.

To start with you would require a trade license which is issued by the Municipal Corporation of that particular state where you wish to set up the shop. In every Municipal Corporation, there is a licensing and Enforcement Department that is responsible for issuing the trade license. So, to open and run a meat shop in any state, you need to get a meat shop license.

Meat Shop

What is the procedure to get a meat shop license?

  • You may apply for a trade license from the Citizen’s service Bureaus (CSB) or you may also choose to apply online. If you file the application online, you would need to submit all the required documents at the CSB office. You must ensure that each document is properly marked with the specific recognition number as mentioned in the application.
  • Alternatively, you can get the application from Citizen’s service Bureaus for Rs.25 and submit it after completely filling it up.
  • When you submit the completed application form, the operator will ask for your details in order to feed it to the computer. You would be required to pay a processing fee for this and a G8 receipt will be subsequently issued to you. This receipt will have the unique Registration number that you need to remember for further processing.
  • After the form has been submitted, a License Inspector will come for site inspection where you intend to set up the shop. After the site has been inspected, your application will either be accepted or rejected. You will be notified by an email regarding the inspection.
  • Next you would need to go to the CSB again and give your Registration number to check your status. The operator will check with your Registration number to see your details in the online database. If he is able to find the details, he will take a print of Health Trade License and nullify the G8 receipt.
  • You need to pay the specified amount of processing charges and license fees to the operator. The officials at the Municipal Corporation will sign the Trade license. Usually an amount of Rs.500 needs to be paid per application as the processing charges and Rs.300 is taken as the license fees.

What are the documents required?

To ensure that the meat license application goes smoothly, you must have the following documents ready. You may be asked to submit one or more of these documents along with the application.

  • Copy of completion certificate orsanction plan
  • Copy of structure safety certificate from the architect
  • Key Plan for the meat shop
  • Site Plan where you intend to set up the shop
  • Availability of water and proper sewer connection
  • You would need an indemnity Bond of Rs.100
  • Copy of partnership deed if you have a partner

Please bear in mind that the commissioner has the right to cancel or suspend the license at any time if he suspects that the meat shop is not run as per the stated laws of the state.

Each license is issued for only a year and the authorities will provide a date before which you must remember to renew your license or else it might become null and void.

We hope this information gives you guidance on how to apply for meat shop license registration in India.






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