How to Apply For Marriage Registration Certificate Online In Delhi

It is said that the matches are made in heaven but the fact is that the marriage needs to be registered here on the ground. If a resident of Delhi gets married, he would also have to apply for the marriage registration certificate. The marriages are registered under Hindu Marriage Act 1955 and Special Marriage Act 1954. The document is a legal proof of the marriage and the honorable Supreme Court has made it mandatory to register the marriage. The fee for the registration of the marriage is Rs 100 for Hindu Marriage Act and Rs 150 for Special Marriage Act.

Why is Marriage Certificate Required?

The marriage certificate can be used for following things

  • Applying for passport and bank account requires Marriage Certificate.
  • The marriage certificate grants a legal status to the marriage and the same can be used to claim insurance.
  • The marriage certificate also aids the visa process for the applicants.

Steps to Apply for Marriage Registration Certificate

Follow the steps mentioned below to apply for marriage registration certificate in Delhi through Online Medium

1. The applicant would first have to visit the district website of Delhi Government. The applicant can navigate to the website directly by clicking here. Only one applicant from the couple needs to do this.

Registration Certificate

2. If the applicant has not registered before, he can click on Register Me and then the applicant can enter the details of the Aadhaar card or Voter ID Card. It is better to use Aadhaar Card as most of the details will be pre-filled in the form as soon as the person validates the Aadhaar Card. Now a form will be displayed. Applicant needs to fill the form displayed and then the form can be submitted.

3. An access code will be sent to applicant’s mobile number. Applicant needs to enter the access code and then the applicant can click on submit button. The applicant will now receive the login ID and the password for using the portal.

4. The applicant can now access the portal using the ID and the Password that he received on his mobile. Now Applicant needs to Click on Apply Online in the navigation bar and then click on apply for services. A list of services that he can apply for will be displayed,

5. Applicant now needs to click on Apply button in front of Registration of Marriage. This would be at serial number 17. Once the form has been loaded, the applicant needs to verify the details on the first page and the applicant would also require entering the details of his/her spouse. Once the details of the marriage and the spouse is entered, the applicant can submit the form after attaching the required documents.

6. The application will then for forwarded to the officers for verification and the applicant might need to visit the center as per the appointment. The applicant might also require to bring along a witness who attended the marriage of the couple. On successful verification, the marriage certificate will be issued in 21 days.

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