How To Apply For Lal Dora Certificate Online In Delhi, eligibility criteria & documents

The term Lal Dora was first used in 1908 and the term is used to classify the property. The property under the Lal Dora is a part of village habitation. The land that falls under this category was usually the extension of the land from the village boundary and the land can only be used for the agricultural purpose. The word was originated because, in earlier days, the government officials used to tie a red thread.

What is Lal Dora Certificate?

The Lal Dora certificate is usually obtained by the property holder of Lal Dora Land. The land can fall under Urban or Rural Lal Dora. Today, the land classification has almost been lost as most of the rural area around Delhi had been captured by Delhi for development. The areas the fell under Lal Dora were Munirka, Yusuf Sarai, Sant Nagar and much more. The Lal Dora classification also helps the government in understanding the demography and thus the government is able to provide better facilities. At present, if the owner of the property has a Lal Dora Certificate, he can make a building without the building permission.

What is the eligibility criteria to obtain the Lal Dora Certificate?

The eligibility criteria for obtaining the Lal Dora Certificate are

  • The applicant should be a citizen of India and the applicant should have documents supporting his claim of the property that falls under the Lal Dora.
  • The person should have the property in specific Lal Dora Area.

Steps to Apply for Lal Dora Certificate through Online Medium

Follow the steps mentioned below to apply for the Lal Dora certificate through online medium –

1. The user can click here to navigate to the Delhi Government’s district website. The website is a part of e-governance and a lot of different types of services can be available on this portal.

Lal Dora Certificate

2. Once the portal has been displayed, the user needs to login to the portal so as so avail the desired service. In case, the user is using the portal for the first time, he can register for the website by clicking on the registration link.

3. Now during the registration, the user would need voter ID or the Aadhaar Card. The user would also require a mobile number. Once the details have been submitted, a unique access code would be sent to the mobile number mentioned. The user now needs to validate the access code and after the validation, the user will receive a user ID and password.

4. Using the details that you received on the phone, the user can login to the portal. After logging in, the user needs to navigate to Apply Online Tab in the top bar and the user can now click on apply for services. This will display a list of services that you can apply for,

5. The user can now click on Apply button in front of Issuance of Lal Dora Certificate. The form is at serial number 9.

6. Now the user needs to fill the form and after checking the first page, the user can click on continue button and then the user can fill the second page. The second page mainly asks the details of the property. In next step, the user would have to attach the documents and then the user can submit the form.

7. After the submission, the user will receive an application number and the application will be processed with in 14 working days.

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