How To Apply For Handicapped Pension Online-Offline In Delhi

Handicapped people or those who has disabilities of any kind need not feel helpless because the government of India takes special care to ensure that they get the facilities. The Handicapped pension yojna was designed with the intention to help such people lead an independent life. In this article we will tell you how to apply for handicapped pension online or offline in Delhi. If you live in Delhi, India, there are several ways you can apply for the social security handicap pension scheme both offline and online.

The social security handicap pension scheme is capable of distributing the handicap pension under the Social Security Handicap yojana. As per this scheme, the government of Delhi distributes funds called pension to the urban Handicap to assist them in leading a normal life and meet their daily requirements. This scheme is directly financed by the government of India in order to help those who are poor and handicapped. For more information on how to apply for the handicapped pension, please visit this link

Handicapped Pension Online

There has been a significant change or increase in the pension scheme for the old aged people, windows and disabled people in the country. According to the chief minister, Mr. Arvind Kejrival, the government of Delhi has decided to provide Rs. 1000 additional for pension of the senior citizens, so it will now become a total of Rs.2000 per month. The pension scheme for the physically handicapped person was Rs. 2500 and now that has also been increased by Rs. 1500.

The deliver government has been successful in inviting over 1 lakh more beneficiaries for the Delhi Pension Yojana 2017 early this year, and these people will start getting their pension from the next month itself. The Delhi Pension Scheme and authorities will invest about 153 Crores for the purpose of catering benefits to physically handicapped people in Delhi.

The offline method

The most traditional method that the handicapped people followed to get their pension from the Delhi government was coming to Vikas Bhawanin order to collect their pension. Besides coming to collect the pension, they also had to visit the Vikas Bhawan office is the pension was stopped suddenly or they wanted to make a new application.

Digital India will now change all that and the government of Delhi is one of the pioneers in bringing in that change. Now, the handicapped people do not have to come all the way to the Vikas Bhawan to collect their pension. They can now have the money transferred right into their account.

To make this initiative become a reality, the chief secretary of Delhi has now asked for the account numbers, names of account holders and the details of their banks.

If you wish to apply for the pension scheme online then you can visit this link-

How to apply for handicapped pension online or offline in Delhi

  • Download the handicapped pension application form
  • Fill up the online application form will all the important details
  • You may require attaching some scanned copies of identity proof if required by the application
  • Now submit this online application form

The pension is usually sent once in six months, however sometimes it might not reach you due to several discrepancies. In such circumstances, you don’t need to go to the office anymore because you can make inquiries online.

This initiative by government of Delhi shows that the country really cares for their handicapped individuals. We hope this information helps you get answer to how to apply for handicapped pension online or offline in Delhi.






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