How to Apply for USA Visa from India, Visa Fee, Documents, Eligibility Criteria

The United States of America is a superpower and it is also the most developed country in the world. A lot of people dream of working in the USA and many students also dream of studying in the USA as the country has a lot of premium education institutes. Another category of people wants to visit the USA as a tourist and travel across the country for tourism. At present, the president of USA is Donald Trump and he has made several modifications to the existing Visa rule. He has made it harder for Indian IT professionals to work in the USA as he wants the companies to hire more of the American workforce. There are a lot of confusion about the application procedure of the Visa for the USA and in this article, we have listed the application procedure for obtaining a USA Visa.

Fee for Visa Application

To apply for Visitor Visa, the fee for a single person is Rs 10880. The fee differs with the different type of Visa.


Time required to get the Visa

Once the interview is conducted, a person can walkin and collect the passport after 3 working days and the expected time of delivery of passport via courier is 7 working days.

Steps to Apply for USA Visa from India

Follow the steps mentioned below to apply for the USA Visa from India.

The first step is to download the DS-160 application form from the US Department of State website. The website can be accessed by clicking here and the form can then be downloaded.

Once the application has been downloaded, the form can be filled and a digital photograph can be uploaded on the form. You would require entering various details like the purpose of visit, contact details, personal details, details of income etc.

Once the form has been filled, you can go ahead and upload the form on the portal and in return, you will receive a form with a barcode on the same.

Now, the next step is to create a profile on the website and to create the profile, visit the same website which was mentioned above. On the website, click on the registration link and furnish all the details which are required to complete the profile.

After completion of the profile, you will be able to access the dashboard and on the dashboard, there would be a link to schedule the appointment. You are now required to click on Schedule an Appointment and the list of available appointments will be displayed. On successful selection of the appointment date and slot, you will be redirected to a payment portal.

You can now proceed with the payment to confirm the appointment you have received. It is also possible to visit the bank and bake the payment through the banks that have partnered with the American consultant.

The appointment is scheduled two steps. The first step is to give fingerprints and getting the photography clicked. The second step is the Consular Interview. On the day of the appointment, you would have to visit the office with the required documents. The first step would be to submit the biometric data and then the Consular will call you for the interview. The main aim of the interview is to understand your motive behind the visit.

Once the interview has been conducted, it would be on consular to accept or reject your visa application. If the application is accepted, you will be informed about the same and the passport will be stamped whereas if the visa is rejected, the reason for the rejection will be shared with you.

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