How to apply for E-Rickshaw Registration in Delhi, Required Documents, Eligibility Criteria

E-rickshaw is basically a battery operated vehicle which has 3 tires and the rickshaw can carry a maximum of 4 passengers. The maximum speed of the E-rickshaw is set to be at 25 Kmph. The main advantage of the E-rickshaw is that they are quick and they are more economical as compared to a three wheeler auto rickshaw or a manually pulled rickshaw. Moreover, the E-rickshaw doesn’t leave harmful gases as they can only run through a battery. E-rickshaw started running on Delhi’s roads a few years ago and since then there had been a lot of confusion about the registration of the E-rickshaw. Earlier, the government started registering E-rickshaw but later the process was halted. Later in January 2017, the high court of Delhi stated that it is mandatory to register all the E-rickshaw.

Earlier, only an undertaking was required to be submitted by the E-rickshaw owners but as of now, it is required to register the E-rickshaw. As per one of the estimate, only 15% of the E-rickshaw are registered. The series assigned to the E-rickshaw is DL 1ER. earlier, the E-rickshaw was not covered in Motor Vehicle Act and thus any person who had an injury while riding an E-rickshaw was unable to claim insurance. In such a scenario, court received a lot of PIL and another fact is that there are several traffic violations made by these E-rickshaw drivers hence it is important to register the vehicle to impose traffic fines on these people

E-Rickshaw Registration in Delhi

Documents Required for Registration of E-rickshaw

Documents required to register an E-rickshaw are mentioned below

  • Application for Registration: Form 20
  • Sales Certificate: Form 21
  • Certificate of Roadworthiness: Form 22
  • Manufacturer Invoice
  • Dealer Invoice
  • Address Proof, Vehicle Insurance and Fitness Certificate
  • Vehicle Verification certificate from Delhi Police
  • Driving Licence of the Driver

Eligibility Criteria for Registration of E-rickshaw

Eligibility Criteria for Registration of E-rickshaw is mentioned below

  • The driver of the E-Rickshaw should have a valid licence for driving E-Rickshaw, without an E-Rickshaw Driving Licence, the vehicle would not be registered.
  • The Driver should also possess all the required documents and in addition to this, the driver should also have a badge for driving E-Rickshaw.

Application Procedure for Registration of E-Rickshaw

Well, as of now, there is no such online procedure to register an E-rickshaw. The new E-Rickshaw which are being sold are pre-registered but the old one still needs to be registered. To get the E-Rickshaw registered, the driver needs to visit the RTO with required documents. In a recent announcement, the government made it illegal for E-Rickshaw to ply on roads without a proper registration. The government is yet to make any announcement about the online registration of E-Rickshaw. Until the announcement is made, the person would have to visit the regional transport office to get the registration done. It is also to be noted that the driver should have a valid licence for driving an E-Rickshaw. Without a driving licence, the vehicle would not be registered.

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