How To Apply For Dubai Visa From India, Documents, Eligibility Criteria

Dubai is the city of records. From the tallest buildings to the most awe-inspiring amusement parks and gold souks, everything about Dubai oozes style. While most people around the world would need to travel for hours in order to reach Dubai, India has an amazing connectivity which makes it a matter of few hours. No wonder many Indians choose Dubai for company meets and family vacations. Whether you are travelling to the city for leisure or business purpose, you would need a Visa to enter the country. If you are planning to visit UAE, here’s some important information that tells you how to apply for Dubai Visa from India.

To apply for a Dubai Visa from India you will need to visit the nearest Visa application center and submit a filled up application form with all the required documents. Before doing so, it is important to find out who is eligible for the Visa and what supporting documents are required.

The application process may be done through a local UAE citizen who helps in applying for work and visitor visa. Application can be done through a local hotel or a registered agent of Dubai Naturalization & Residency Department in India.


Who is eligible to get a Dubai Visa?

Any person of Indian origin who has travelled to UAE or any other country such as, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, USA, UK, European Union Canada, Schengen countries, Switzerland and Japan, in the past five years is eligible.

If you don’t meet the travel records, you will need to provide your financial records specifically the income tax return for the past two years. It should show that your gross income from employment or business has been more than 2 lakh rupees per year.

If you get an invite some a close family member living in the UAE then you may be eligible to apply for a Visa. Children below 21 years and parents who are above 60 years of age may be invited.

Young married couples can visit the city for their honeymoon however they need to provide an authenticate marriage certificate along with a NOC from their parents. Other support documents should include valid Photo ID, wedding card, and a wedding photo.

Supporting documents required

If you are an Indian trying to get Dubai Visa then you need copies of first, last and the observation page of passenger, the recent passport sized photo, duly filled visa application form, and confirmed air ticket of the passenger.

If you are a sponsor living in Dubai calling your family members then you will need to provide your first, last as well as resident or work permit. You need to submit a letter of invitation, provide a valid proof of address, and bank statement for the last 6 months.

If you are an planning to go to Dubai for work then you need proper documents of the employer who has called you for employment in the country. You will need to provide the passport copy of the employer, a salary certificate or employment contract, photograph of the sponsoring employee, proof of relationship with the employer and travel insurance.

All your educational and professional certificates must be duly attested by the Consular Section of Ministry of External Affairs. They must also be attested by the UAE consulate in Mumbai and UAE Embassy in New Delhi. After this you must submit the photocopies of certificates to the Consulate/Embassy along with a photocopy of the passport. Two recent passport sized photos should also be submitted for the application process.

We hope the above information helps you with how to apply for Dubai Visa from India.






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