How to Apply For Driving License Online In Delhi

While learning driving, a person has issued a learner’s licence which is valid for a period of 6 months. Within this period, the person needs to appear for the driving test and obtain a permanent driving licence. Earlier, it was possible for a person to visit the RTO and apply for the Permanent Licence but now the rules have been changed and the person needs to apply for a driving license before visiting the RTO. The person needs to pay the fees online and book an appointment. This has helped RTO in functioning in a more efficient way. In this article, we have described the procedure of application for Permanent Driving Licence.

Eligibility to Apply for Permanent Driving Licence

The eligibility criteria to apply for a permanent driving licence is that a person should possess a learner’s licence for a minimum period of 1 month and the person should appear in the test before the learner licence expires.

Documents Required to Apply for Permanent Driving Licence

The documents that are required to be submitted by the applicant for applying for the permanent driving licence are mentioned below

  • The applicant needs to submit a Form 4. This form is for application of permanent driving licence
  • The Learners Licence also needs to be submitted.
  • The fee receipt along with a copy of test vehicle’s RC, Insurance and PUC needs to be submitted. The fee for theapplication is Rs 400.

Steps to Apply for a Permanent Driving Licence through Online Medium

Follow the steps mentioned below to apply for the permanent driving licence.

  • The first step is to visit the online appointment portal for driving licence. You can navigate to the portal by clicking here. After the portal has been displayed, you can go ahead and click on Online Services Button.

driving license

  • A small form will be displayed on the next page and you would require entering your name and date of birth in the form.
  • Click on Driving Licence from the radio button and select Issue of New Driving Licence. Click on submit button after entering the captcha code.
  • On the next page, select the appointment slot and the appointment date after selecting the RTO
  • You can now enter the learner licence No along with your contact number and the total amount. Click on next to print the form and then you can pay the fee to confirm the appointment. Once you have paid the fee, you can print the receipt of the payment
  • On the day of the appointment, you can visit the RTO and submit the form. Upon submission, you will be allocated a driving instructor who will test your driving skills.
  • After the test is concluded, the instructor will let you know about the result of the test. If you have cleared the test, you will be issued a licence in 7 days and if you have failed the test, you would be asked to reappear in the test after 14 days.






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