How to Apply For Death Certificate Online In Delhi

Once there is a death in the house, the first thing that the family members should do is to make the death certificate. Without the death certificate, the person is not regarded as dead. But, standing in long queues just to make the death certificate is very tiring. This method has been eased for the people of Delhi by providing the opportunity of online registration of death certificates. This saves a lot of time and also, the work gets done within minutes. The Delhi Government is trying its best to help people to get death certificates in an easy manner.

How to apply for Death certificates in Delhi?

Step 1: Visit the website

Visit now under the tab of “Online Civic Services” search for “Death Certificate” click on it which will provide you with the application form. Fill in the application form and with some simple steps, you are sure to get the death certificate on time.

death certificates online

Step 2: Fill in the name of the applicant

The person who is applying for the death certificate should fill his or her name in the column name of the applicant. The death certificate will be made in the name of the applicant and it will be addressed to the applicant only.

Step 3: Relationship with the applicant

The applicant has to mention the relationship with the deceased person. The relationship should be correctly portrayed or else the death certificate might be rejected. The relationship plays an important role because all the procedures related to the certificate will be done keeping in mind the relationship with the applicant.

Step 4: Copies required

The Applicant has to fill in the number of copies that they require of the death certificate. Many people prefer to keep at least 2 copies with them so that they can keep the original one in a safe place and the other can be used wherever needed. The death certificate helps one to get insurances and all other money and property of the deceased.

Step 5: The deceased’s name

The important thing in the application form is the name of the deceased is to be filled. The name is to be filled correctly as it appears in the PAN card because any slight difference in the name will not be accepted and the death certificate will be rejected totally.

Step 6: Father or husband’s name

The father or husband’s name should be entered correctly in the field. The place of death should be mentioned and also the date of death should be mentioned properly. The time is not necessary but the date should be properly mentioned.

Step 7: Provision of residential address

The residential address should be provided by the applicant because the death certificate will be sent to the residential address. Along with the address, pin code and phone number should be provided correctly.

Step 8: Hit the submit button

Once the application form has been filled up, tick the declaration button and then submit the form. The discharge slip and the proof of residence has to be provided along with the application form. Once the certificate is ready, you can collect it from the office.






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