How to Apply For Commercial Driving Licence Online In Delhi

The commercial driving licence is a document that is required by a person to drive a commercial vehicle. The vehicle could be a commercial cab or a bus or even a truck but it is important to obtain a commercial driving licence before driving any such vehicle. The commercial driving licence is just like a normal driving licence and firstly a learner licence issued and then a permanent driving licence is issued. The government is trying hard to bring reforms in this field by setting up new driving schools and other such initiatives. In this article, we have listed the procedure of applying for a commercial driving licence.

Eligibility to Apply for Commercial Driving Licence

The eligibility to apply for a commercial driving licence is

  • The applicant should be 20 years old and the applicant should have completed his education till at least 8th In some states, the age limit is 18 but in most of the states, the limit of the age is 20 years.
  • The applicant should hold a valid learner licence for commercial vehicles.
  • The applicant should have taken training from one of the government-affiliated training schools

Documents Required to Apply for Commercial Driving Licence

Document that needs to be submitted while applying for Commercial Driving Licence are mentioned below

  • The applicant needs to submit Form 2, Form 1A and Form 5. The forms should be filled and signed by the applicant.
  • The applicant also needs to submit 2 photographs along with his ID Proof and Address Proof.
  • Valid Learner Licence for theCommercial vehicle also needs to be submitted during the application of Permanent Commercial Driving Licence.

Steps to Apply for a Commercial Driving Licence through Online Medium

The procedure for application of Commercial Driving Licence is mentioned below

First of all, the applicant needs to navigate to the website for application of commercial licence. The website can be accessed by clicking here.

Commercial Driving Licence

Once the webpage has been displayed, the applicant needs to click on Application Form for New LL and DL. This will display a page for the applicant.

The applicant can now select New Driving licence and he can proceed to fill the form. Once the form has been filled, the applicant can provide the relevant documents and these documents can also be uploaded online or the applicant can simply enter the identification number.

The applicant can now submit the form, book and appointment and pay the fee. After the payment of the fee, the appointment will be confirmed.

On the day of the appointment, the applicant can visit the RTO and submit all the documents. After the submission of the documents, the authority will assign a person to test the driving skills of the person.

After the assignment of the instructor, the person can move to the testing area and upon successful completion of the test, the licence will be issued. If the applicant fails the test, he would have to come again on a later date.






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