How to Apply For Aadhaar Card Registration Online or Offline

Aadhaar card is one of the most important and mandatory document which helps people to do many services such as get an LPG connection, etc. It is an essential document proves a person to be the citizen of India and they can avail all the facilities that can be availed by an Indian resident. The Government of India has made it easy for people to get Aadhaar card either in offline or in online method.

Applying for Aadhaar card in online or offline method

Aadhaar Card Registration

To get your Aadhaar card, you have to wait in queue at the Aadhaar centre which is time consuming and people don’t find it convenient in many ways. The Government has made it easy for the people where they can book an appointment beforehand by visiting the website. The main website to get information about Aadhaar card is or they can also visit

Steps for offline registration of Aadhaar card

There are many people who don’t have much knowledge on the working of the Internet and they will always follow the offline method of registration. The following steps will have to be followed in the required procedure:

Step 1:

First of all, visit the Aadhaar enrolment centre which will provide you will all the information that you have to carry with you in order to get your name registered in the Aadhaar format.

Step 2:

There are a certain list of documents that you need to carry with you which you will have to present at the enrolment centre when you are applying for the Aadhaar card.

Step 3:

You will be required to fill an application form where you will have to provide your name, address, phone number, email id, etc. and along with that, you have to provide the required documents to the authorities in charge of the Aadhaar card.

Step 4:

The Aadhaar operator at the centre will take your photo which will be attached in the application form. Identity and residential proofs are the important documents that you need to carry with you.

Step 5:

With the help of electronic devices, iris scan and finger print can will be taken and then the application will be forwarded to the centre and you will receive the Aadhaar card in a few days.

How to apply for Aadhaar card online

For the benefit of the people, the applying of the Aadhaar card has been made simpler in three stages that are enrolment, biometric and e aadhaar card. It should however be noted that the process of applying for aadhaar card is not completely online. But, you can book for the enrolment date online. It is a mix of offline and online procedures.


Step 1:

Visit the website for the process of enrolment.

Step 2:

Locate the nearest Enrolment centre near to your town. The Enrolment centre can be found out from the website in the drop down menu that is available in the website. The details of district and city name should be entered in the menu and the Enrolment centre can be found out easily.

Step 3:

The Aadhaar card enrolment can be easily booked in the website. The booking can be done in the website but the feasibility should be checked properly before the enrolment.

Step 4:

The enrolment form can be easily filled online. Basic information such as name, place, date of birth, etc. should be provided correctly. It is very important to provide for these details in the right manner because any false information may lead to rejection of the enrolment form.

Step 5:

After filling in the enrolment form and uploading all the required and important documents, the form has to be submitted online. The acknowledgment slip generated will provide the date and time of the Aadhaar card to keep a record.

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