Apna Time Bhi Aayega Wiki, Story, Timing, Cast Names

Apna Time Bhi Aayega is television drama series that first aired on Zee TV on 16th October 2020. Ved Raj has produced the show under the banner of Shoonya Square Productions. The screenplay is by Abhijit Sinha, while Abhijit Sinha and Tanya Sinha have written the story. Music is by Isha Vedraj and Punit Dixit. The creative director is Vidhi Tandon.

Apart from the Zee TV channel, the show is also streamed on the Zee5 app. The lead roles are played by Megha Ray, Vivana Singh and Fahman Khan. Initially, Anushka Sen and Tannaz Irani were in the lead roles but were later replaced by Megha Ray and Vivana Singh. The show ended on 16th October 2021.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega Wiki, Story, Timing, Cast Names

The Plot

The story revolves around Rani. Rani is a good student who wants to become an engineer. She lives with her brother and grandmother in a small town while her father works in Jaipur for the rich and influential Rajawat family in the city. Veer Singh Rajawat is the son of Rajawat family and a famous doctor. Life takes a turn for the worse for Rani when her father is accused of running over 4 people in a drunken stupor. Rani decides to work in the Rajawat house with her father and find evidence to prove his innocence. Meanwhile, Veer Singh Rajawat gets engaged to Kiara to please his stepmother and the matriarch of the Rajawat family, who does not like Veer.

Jay Singh enters the scene. He is engaged to marry Nandini, the step-sister of Veer. He is an evil character who tries to force himself on Rani, but Veer saves the latter. As a result, Rani develops respect for Veer. Jay Singh lures Rani into a temple where unmarried women are not allowed on the pretext of giving her evidence in favour of her father. The temple priests are outraged, and to save Rani, Veer marries her. The Rajawat family is outraged, but Rani gradually wins their affection even though Veer’s stepmother hates her. Jay Singh is finally exposed by Rani and is prevented from marrying Nandini.

Veer’s stepmother asks Veer to leave Rani in her village, but he cannot do it. This sets into motion a series of events with many new characters coming into the picture, continuing until the last episode.

Cast Names

Rani Singh Rajawat

Rani is the daughter of Ramdhari and the wife of Veer Singh Rajawat. Anushka Sen of Balveer fame played this role initially but was replaced by Megha Ray. Megha Ray is an Indian television actress who debuted with the role of Kajal Vyas in the serial Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai in the year 2019. Apna Time Bhi Aayega is her second television series.

Dr. Veerpratap Singh Rajawat

Veerpratap or Veer is the biological son of Digvijay Singh but the stepson of his wife, Rajeshwari Singh Rajawat. He is the half brother of Nandini and Vikram and the husband of Rani. Fahman Khan is playing the role of Veer. Fahman is a model and actor who debuted with a cameo role in Yeh Wada Raha’s serial. After that, he played various roles in some serials such as Kya Qusur Hai Amala Ka, Ishq Mein Marjawa and Mere Dad Ki Dulhan.

Rajeshwari Singh Rajawat

Rajeshwari or Ranisa is the stepmother of Veer and birth mother of Nandini and Vikram. She is also the wife of Digvijay. Vivana Singh is playing the role of Ranisa. She replaced Tannaz Irani. Vivana Singh has appeared in many serials, including Mahabharata, Police Factory, Kumkum Bhagya and Ajeeb Dastan Hai Ye.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega used to be aired from Monday to Saturday at 7:00 pm IST.

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