Top 10 Aadhar Card Uses and Abuses

For virtually any official work, you need to use an Aadhar Card. It is the only identity proof which has been accepted in virtually every case. Along with it, Aadhar number is also linked to various services and documents. For instance, an Aadhar card is linked to your PAN card, bank accounts, Mobile sim card. it is common thing that your aadhar need some changes and you need to check aadhar card status. Aadhar is also used to make your life easier. But coin has two sides.

So, even the convenience and ease of using Aadhar card is doubtful as there are still some abuses of this 12-digit unique identification number. In this post, we will focus light on both sides of Aadhaar card.

Aadhar Card Uses and Abuses

Aadhaar Card Uses

  • On Direct Benefit Transfer – The government has issued Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) system for LPG subsidy and the person should link Aadhaar with LPG account under the scheme and subsidy on LPG is transferred directly to the bank account of an individual. It has started the transfer of subsidy.
  • Getting Provident Fund and Money – It has also been easier for Aadhaar to smoothen the transactions. There are widest ranges of UPI platforms where Aadhaar is used and along with it, it is simple to withdraw provident funds by using Aadhaar card.
  • Digital Life Certificate – Thanks to the Digital Life Certificate, it has now been easier for the people to seek pension without having to appear on the banks. It has been helpful for many people to implement the same.
  • Higher Security – Aadhaar card serves as a universal identity and along with it, it is likely to add records in the central database so it has made it safer for the community as one can easily check the criminal record of a person within less time.
  • Digital Locker – Digital lockers have been provided by the government of India to the individuals to keep their documents secured and it can be accessed only by using their Aadhaar card. It has been a lot easier to save and use documents according to your needs.
  • Linking to Voter ID – Currently, the government is going to work on EPIC linking and it would add a new edge to the democracy. So, it would avoid all the fake votes by eliminating the duplicate or fake voter ID cards.
  • Get Passport within 10 days – If you are applying for a passport and you have Aadhaar card, it is easy for you to get a passport within just 10 days. The lead times were a lot higher before but it has been slashed to 10 days.
  • Fast KYC – The KYC process has been fast-tracked with the help of Aadhaar card and it takes a couple of minutes to open your bank account, activate a SIM and open a demat account in various platforms.

Aadhaar Card Abuses

  • Vulnerable to Cyber Threat – As there is rapid risk of hacking across the world, it is true that database of Aadhar is vulnerable to cyber threats and most numbers of personal data of the citizens may be leaked.
  • Compromise on Privacy – The government is able to track each and every financial transaction and non-financial activities of the person. But it is absolutely a breach of privacy. The government cannot guarantee that it won’t use Aadhaar at any point.
  • Identity Theft – Aadhaar card is also likely to be used for various illegal activities like identity theft. In many cases, Aadhar has been used by anyone else for their unfair advantages.


UIDAI has been improved by the government of India every passing day and these abuses or loopholes will soon be removed from the system and system will soon be protected against all threats.






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