7 Rules To Make Her Like You

If you feeling that there is no way how you can make someone like you, then this article is definitely for you. Take your time to read our 7 rules to learn to make her like you.

  1. All women can’t like you

It is crucial to understand that each girl is a unique and individual person. That is why you’re even the best manner of behavior of any of them will certainly not appeal to you. Here, you need to understand a very important point: even if you have not made the proper impression on the girl you have taken, you do not need to brand yourself a loser and despair. You have to try as many times as you need to meet the one. Failures only make you stronger. Plus, they give you a great experience. So, you should learn to receive lessons from everything and don’t stupidly lie on the couch and whine that all the women are whores and only want money.

  1. You must have your own life

Clever and self-sufficient girls don’t need a dumb admirer and a boyfriend who will flood her with flowers, compliments, and annoying calls. You must take up your own life: try to diversify it as much as possible. Gym, training, books, foreign languages, exhibitions anything you like. Thus, you will, immediately, make an impression of an ambitious and self-sufficient man who wants way more than just a one-night appointment to please his needs. In general, you will bring your life to a completely different quality level. By doing this, you will easily make her like and appreciate you.

  1. Take care of your appearance

What do you expect? Do you expect a well-groomed, fit, and beautiful girl to pay her attention to you when you, in turn, don’t make any efforts? It doesn’t happen, friend. I have spoken about this more than once. You have to take care of yourself. These are so basic things that it’s even funny to talk about them, but many men forget about it and think that they are already handsome. You should dress stylishly and appropriately. For example, if you go to a restaurant, then forget about sneakers and vice versa: in a movie theater, a formal suit will look ridiculous.

  1. Learn to flirt

Add some flirting to your chat with every girl. If this does not happen, then she will immediately throw you into the friend zone. Don’t be afraid of touch. Socially acceptable touches. The more you touch it, the better. Follow her reaction and conclude whether she likes it or not. This is very critical when you search for a young hookup.

  1. Do not be afraid of touches

Well, you’re not at school to be afraid to touch the girl you like. The main thing is to do it right and carefully so that she does not perceive it as direct allusions to sex during the first date. Be a gentleman – help put on her outer clothing or give a hand when leaving the car or public transport. Take her hand if you find yourself in a huge crowd of people. Women are very sensitive to all kinds of touches and need them much more than men. Therefore, do not be dumb and go to direct actions but be careful not to scare her away.

  1. Be proactive

If you took her phone number, then don’t be afraid to call her the next day. Believe me, if she did not want to meet with you again, she wouldn’t give a number. When you invite her on a date, offer her 2-3 proven options instead of asking what she would be interested in doing. You are a man, and it is up to you to decide.

  1. Go on dates

In other words, don’t be dumb! If you liked her, then make an appointment, and then so on and so forth. Surprise her by meeting or seeing her at home. Take everything into your own hands and completely control the process. It is better to invite her on a second date with a phone call rather than a message in some social networks. And get ready to pay on your first date because that will tell a lot about your potential girlfriend about you.

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