7 Facts About Latur Water Express Train

Latur a region in Marathwada is facing the worst escort maltepe drought problem ever. There is not even a drop of water to drink and the people are suffering a lot. The Government is taking all the measures to help the people in supplying water. The best way out was to create wagons, which were filled with water and were send to the places. kadikoy escort The Water Express is helping the people to survive. The Government took one of the best measures to help the people. Latur Water Express Train is  one of the trains that solves the problem of the drought and water related problems in Latur. This water Express train provides water to Latur, maltepe escort filling the need of the people. The Purpose of this train is solving the thirst of the people living in the Latur district. Due to the at most scarcity of water, this water train will be solving the problems of this place, which are related to water.

Latur Water Express

There are many facts bout this water express train. This train is made with fifty tankers, which will be filled with water and will be provided to the people of Marathwada. On Sunday, water was being filled in these tankers and was taken to Latur. This arrangement of water supply is temporary but the government thinks that this is the best way to help the people of Latur and provide them with water.  There are many interesting facts about this train and the people and the government is helping the people of Latur.Here is the list of few interesting facts about the Latur Water Express Train.

1. The Train Carries 5 lakh liters of water:

The Latur water express train will be carrying around five lakh liters of water to Latur in Marathwada region. The place is fighting with drought ever.

2. The train reaches on Tuesday Morning:

The train reaches latur on Tuesday morning and will provide the citizens with water.  It took 18 hours to reach the destination.

3. The first batch of wagons carried 50,000 liters of water:

The first batch of wagons carried around 50,000 liters of water, which were filled in the Miraj Railway Station in Sangli district.

4. The train left from Kota workshop for Miraj on 8th April:

The train left from Kota to Miraj on April 8.

5. The second batch of wagons will be ready by 15th April:

The second batch of water wagons will be ready to be loaded with water on 15th April.

6. Each Wagon can carry 54000 liters of water:

The water carrying capacity of each wagon is 54,000 liters. These tankers will fulfill the need of water in Latur and will prevent the people from dying from water.

7. The Water is also steamed wash

The water, which is loaded in these tankers are steamed washed, so that they can be used for the drinking proposes.

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