5 Ways to Style Your Fancy Sarees for a Fresh New Look

The beauty of sarees is not just limited to their elegance and grace. It extends beyond what each saree wearer perceives it to be. And that is what results in fancy sarees taking new forms and becoming a whole other trend.

When talking about the latest fancy sarees, it is impossible not to mention the non-conventional draping styles that have become oh-so-popular in the current times. Fashion influencers have totally transformed the way we look at fancy sarees, so it’s time to get inspired by them for real!


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All of us have dreamt of pulling off a modern fancy saree look just like these stunning models and trying on viral styles. Well, your dreams just came true with this style guide here to help you find the inner fashionista in you. With these five ways, you’re ready to take on the world of fancy sarees, so let’s get down to it.

  1. The Dhoti-rati Way

Yep, you guessed it right. Just like the Twitterati, the Dhoti-ratis have gained immense popularity. This fancy saree style is uber-cool and speaks of modern India at its core. Instead of the regular petticoat underneath the saree, dhoti-ratis have replaced it with leggings for proper draping of the dhoti-inspired baggy design. You’ll find numerous tutorial videos on the internet to guide you better.

  1. The Belter Way

With all puns intended, this better ‘belt’er way is simply the best fancy saree style you could imagine. Waist belts on a saree may sound bizarre in theory but look like a million bucks in reality. Just throw in a simple buckle belt or leather belt that you usually wear with jeans & dresses, and VOILA! You’ve got yourself a chic saree look. It helps shape and highlight the waistline beautifully while adding a fantastic accessory piece to your overall outfit.

  1. The Mer’made’ for you Way

Growing up, we’ve all admired our favourite Disney princess Ariel for her politeness, honesty and well, impeccable style. Now, you can be an Ariel too, that too with the help of a saree! With some extra pleats and tucks here and there at the bottom end of the saree, you have yourself the perfect fancy saree style that will definitely steal the show.

  1. The Pantastic Way

Pants beneath a saree give off some very boho vibes. It translates to a more relaxed and casual way of draping and is perfect as a style statement outfit. With the right pair of accessories, this kind of pant-styled fancy saree will surely become your go-to draping style.

  1. The Layered Way

Hi There! All you Bollywood fanatics, remember that iconic movie Ram Aur Shyam? Well, if you remember it, you know what we’re getting at. Yes, it is the evergreen Mumtaz-inspired fancy saree style. The carefully layered draping style that moves across your lower body and highlights the borders that run along the saree is unique and very retro. Give in to the 60’s era and try this one out.

So folks, bring out the vogue in you and follow these awesome ways of styling the next time you need to buy sarees online in India. Trusting renowned online shopping platforms like Snapdeal would be a plus as they offer brand waali quality, bazaar waali deal so authentic stuff at unbelievable prices is guaranteed. You also get amazing discounts and so many options, colours, variations and styles with different embroidery and patterns to choose from. Add to cart today and start your fashion journey!

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