5 Rampant SEO myths busted – Time for a reality check

SEO or search engine optimization has definitely undergone a sea change over the span of the last decade. With Google’s Panda and the Penguin algorithm, the world of SEO professionals has been forced to look up and take things seriously for sure. It’s no longer about internal linking or building links only, nor would only keyword obsession work, rather quality content has also become the order of the day. In fact, it was always one, just that with time the focus keeps shifting from one aspect to the other. Now of course, SEO has evolved to such a level that any one aspect isn’t the focus anymore. Having said so, it’s also important to mention that most get mislead in the world of SEO thanks to quite a few myths that have been doing the rounds.

 SEO myths you should know the truth about

Here are 5 SEO myths which most fall prey to, it’s better you know what these are and stop yourself from being victimized by these. Check them out.

  •  Keywords need to match just the same: Understand this for a fact that it’s not so very essential for the keywords to be repeated verbatim throughout the content body. It’s rather important that the keywords be used in the sense it makes most sense, and this is especially true in case of writing headings. Reading a headline that has been awkwardly phrased and that too around a keyword can literally spell doom for the article even before the story began. Same applies for the rest of the content too.
  •  H1 is the most important on-page factor: Well, not really. The picture happens to be a tad different. What’s required is that you actually think of the content structure as an outline of sorts. Now, when it comes to presenting information to the user, then it’s more like a tiered approach. H1 being the title tag doesn’t really have too much of an influence as far as your overall SEO is taken into consideration. H1 happens to be like more of a part of your cascading style sheet which is applied for a particular piece of content.
  •  More links instead of more content: This is a very common myth and it generally raises one of the primary questions in your mind when working in the domain of SEO – Do you invest in building links or creating content? Well, it can’t really be denied that inbound links happen to be extremely important as far as the authority of your website is concerned, whereas it can’t be denied that when you’re on a budget, then rather you get someone to write.
  •  Numerouno ranking is a must: Click Through rates and user behavior definitely show that searchers favor the top search results. However, to think that this is only applicable for the top results on the 1st page isn’t true. The same kind of click behavior has been observed for the subsequent result pages too.
  •  SEO isn’t about usability issue: Well, it actually is! You see SEO has evolved and improved repeatedly with time. It technically stands for search engine optimization, but it definitely is far more than that. The idea now remains to score on usability actually.

Now that you’re aware of the above myths, make sure of the fact that you don’t harbor any false impressions as such.

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