5 Best Water Purifiers Under 10,000 Rs. In India 2015

With the increase in the population along with the pollution, the safe and healthy water becomes likely to avail impossible in the big cities of the developing countries like India. So it becomes necessary for every person to make the impure and contaminated water purified with the help of several purifying facilities.

When you are choosing the water purification system for the office or for your domestic use, then the first thing that comes in your mind is the quality and health. Price does not matter in the case of water purifiers as the price do not indicates the quality of a product. The water purifiers use the unique technique of the distillation to kill bacteria and all the other impurities that are harmful to our health.

Here are the top best 5 water purifiers in India that are very reliable and are very economic to buy.

5. HUL Pureit Marvella UV Water Purifier

The one of the best purifier that is available in the affordable price range of 6,690 RS. In India. The main features of this product includes the well mounted installation that has the filter of more than 30,000 liters of water with the flow of 600-650 mL/min. this product is available in almost all parts of India including the free transit insurance.

4. Godrej GP-AZURA Reverse Osmosis Technology Water Purifiers

This is the 4th most famous and best water purifier that comes in the affordable price of RS. 9,980 in India. The key specifications that make this product famous are the large capacity of water storage in the purifier that is almost 7.5 liters in the storage tank. The total power consumption of this water purifier is the 24 Watts with the maximum filter life.

3. Panasonic TK CS 43 Water Purifier

Standing on number 3rd, Panasonic TK CS 43 Water Purifier is the best water purifier that comes in the range of under 10,000 RS. The product is very reliable and is good for preventing diseases that are caused by the water. The available price of this purifier in India is almost RS. 7,194.

2. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Crystal UV Water Purifier

Available in India with the attractive price of just RS. 7,449. The best product in the range of below 10,000 this product features the instant capacity of purifying the water with the minimum consumption of power that is almost 25 Watts. This purifier comes with the additional features of energy saving mode.

1. Kent Maxx Water Purifier

Kent Maxx Water Purifier

Kent is the one of the famous company in India that provides the electrical appliances to all the India for their office and for the domestic use. This is the type of purifier that requires the installation with the power consumption of 160 to 300 Volts. It is also having a protection from the UV and UF plus. This helps to kill the germs from the water. The price of this excellent product is RS. 7,544 in India.

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