5 Best Washing Machines Under 20,000 Rs. in India 2017

If you are looking to upgrade your old washing machine with a new one, and want to spend an amount of approx. 20,000 rupees then this is the article intended for you only. We have put up the 5 best washing machines that you can buy for an amount lower than 20,000 rupees.

#1 Samsung WA65H4000HA 6.5 kg Fully Automatic

This Samsung washer comes preloaded with a scrubbing board that can be used to easily hand wash and scrub your whites clothes and shirt’s collars before starting washing cycle. It is equipped with the washing load of 6.5 kgs, you can wash all your clothes at one go. This top-loading, fully automatic washing machine from Samsung comes with quite a few innovative features in order to provide you a pleasant washing experience. It’s an awesome machine with incredible features.

Cost: Rs 19,490

#2 Whirlpool Stainwash D Clean DC65 6.5 kg Fully Automatic

The 6th Sense Deep Clean , ZPF Technology that it uses for cleaning your clothes is one of the best and innovative technology used inside a washer. It has a 740 rpm of maximum speed of its spin tub and it seems sufficient for moderate to normal washing. It comes with top loading feature and has a display panel that displays all the info, it has a maximum capacity of 6.5 kgs. Hard Water Wash, Express Wash, Stainwash, Wash Only, Aqua store are some of its wash programs.

Cost: Rs 19,590

#3 IFB TL 65SDR 6.5 kg Fully Automatic

You will gonna love its charcoal black matt finish body. It uses triadic pulsator as its main washing technology. All that you have to do with this is that just throw your clothes inside the machine and it will take care of the rest as it is a fully automated washer with all the important features preprogrammed. It has a maximum capacity of 6.5 kgs and offers great and efficient cleaning.

Cost: Rs 19,990

#4 LG T7567TEELH 6.5 kg Fully Automatic

Once again we have an awesome and innovative peace from the bag of LG electronics. It’s a top loading washer which has got some cool features like Hot / Cold Water Inlet: Hot / Cold, Delay Start: 3 – 48 hrs, Temp Selection: Hot / Warm / Cold, Smart Diagnosis. The LED backlit LCD display comes very handy while setting the things up or during your normal routine wash.

Cost: Rs 19,242

#5 Kelvinator KF6091WH-GWG 6 kg Fully Automatic

Kelvinator KF6091WH-GWG 6 kg Fully Automatic

If you love the washers that have a front door for loading unloading the clothes, then you will surely going to love this. Some other cool features about this washer isDrain Pump Lint Collector, Balance Control and it use a centrifugal type drier for drying your clothes with ease. It has 8 program types preloaded into its memory. With its 6 kgs of capacity it’s an ideal washers for families with less members or you can say a nuclear family.

Cost: Rs 18,990


We have tried our best in order to bring out the five best washing machines that can be yours in an amount lesser than rupees 20,000. The above mentioned washers are great value for your precious money.






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