5 Best Washing Machines Under 15,000 Rs. in India

Washing machines have been one of the important home appliances, as they help us in cleaning our clothes in a pretty faster and efficient way. In the following article, we have tried to enlist the 5 best washing machines that can make your life easier and butter smooth. These washers will cost you lesser than 15,000 rupees.

 1. Samsung WA65H3H5QRP 6.5 kg Fully Automatic

Samsung WA65H3H5QRP 6.5 kg Fully Automatic

It uses Eco Storm Pulsator as its main washing method, and this is the reason why it’s that much popular. This machine is Fully Automatic and comes with top loading mechanism. You can wash upto 6.5 kg of clothes at a time with ease and the clothes will shine right after the wash. The Digital Display that they have equipped on to it displays the basic instructions and details. It comes in only one Color i.e. Silver Body, Wine Top.

Cost: Rs 14,990

2. Onida WO65TSPLDD1 6.5 kg Fully Automatic

Onida WO65TSPLDD1 6.5 kg Fully Automatic

Its fully automatic control is feature rich and comes with Fuzzy Logic Enabled. It is top loading type and has a capacity of 6.5 kgs. It is equipped with a digital display that displays all the important info to operate the washing machine. It acts as an HMI and provides great ease in using the washing machine. The washing Method that it uses is of Normal Pulsator type and has 14 wash program types preloaded into its memory.

Cost: Rs 14,490

3. LG T7008TDDLP 6 kg Fully Automatic

LG T7008TDDLP 6 kg Fully Automatic

LG is well known for its stunning and innovative features, it is a popular brand in terms of home appliances. It comes with nifty & sophisticatedly awesome features such as dual-action, Turbo Drum and the most important Smart Filter. LG’s LG T7008TDDLP is a top loading smart washing machine; it will make the laundry process a fun like thing. The Waterfall Circulation function that it has got produces strong washing currents thus improving the rinsing effect during your every wash cycle. You will love its marble white matt finish body.

Cost: Rs 14,490

4. Electrolux ET70ENERM 7 kg Fully Automatic

Electrolux ET70ENERM 7 kg Fully Automatic

This Electrolux washer has fully automatic features, and it comes equipped with an LED back-lit control panel. So all you have to do is to just put your clothes in the washer and it will do the rest of the things. It has a washing capacity of 7 kgs maximum, which means you can finish the entire week’s laundry at once So no more daily washing of your laundries. The washer has 5 mini pulsators and 1 main pulsator.

Cost: Rs 14,990

5. Whirlpool WM Premier 622SD 6.2 kg Fully Automatic

Whirlpool WM Premier 622SD 6.2 kg Fully Automatic

This fully automatic washer from whirlpoolcan wash a maximum of 6.2 kgs of laundry at one go, making it suitable for a small family. It has got a spin speed of approx. 740 rpm so that to give you sparkly clean clothes everytime. This washer’s has got 6th Sense 123 Wash Technology that simply gives you the purest and cleanest wash in just 3 steps.

Cost: Rs 14,990


Washing machines are one of the most non negligible house hold items; the above mentioned washers are all fully automatic and cost you merely 15,000 rupees. These are the best value for your money.






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