5 Best Power Banks Under 500 Rs. in India 2017

If you are looking for a sleek simple but yet powerful power bank and that too well within a price bracket of 500 rupees, then you are following the right article. We have tried to put up the 5 best power banks within a price bracket of 500 rupees.

#1 7AA P6000 Mobile power bank 600 mAh

7AA P6000 Mobile power bank 600 mAh

This power bank is quite cool on design, and they have provided 3 output ports on it. Which means you can be able to charge up your 3 devices at a time. As it has got data cable inbuilt, so you need not to worry about the lost data cable and it decreases the hassles of carrying out a data cable along with you all the time. Now just simply plug your phone, tablet or media player to the supported data cable and juice up your device in style.

Cost: Rs 419

#2 iPro IP56 power bank 5600 mAh

iPro IP56 power bank 5600 mAh

Power banks have a great usability as they have the ability to store power and when required they can transfer the charge to other devices as well. This 5600 mAh power bank can charge up your devices multiple times, as it has got a comparatively bigger battery squeezed inside the chassis. You won’t feel like running short on charge when if you have this great power bank in your backpack or pocket.

Cost: Rs 499

#3 Lappymaster 3GW-1 5200 mAh

Lappymaster 3GW-1 5200 mAh

With its high quality batteries it has got a power capacity of 5200 mAh and is capable of charging your devices for multiple times. It has got dual USB ports in order to charge two different devices simultaneously. The whopping 5200 mAh battery capacity will not let you down on energy, and your smart devices will be high on charge throughout the day. This is a must buy item as it costs you as low as 449 rupees.

Cost: Rs 499

#4 iTek RB024_PK 5200 mAh

iTek RB024_PK 5200 mAh

This power bank from iTek has got an output which can provide an output current of 5v DC 2.1 amp max. Thus increased power on charging increases the speed of charging up your devices. It has a capacity of 5200 mAh and the lithium ion technology increases the power of the power bank, and the 4 LED are there for the indication purpose and makes your task a lot easier as you will get to know about when is the need of recharging the power bank itself.

Cost: Rs 449

#5 Maxx 3000 mAh Samsung SDI Power Bank (PBS-30)

Maxx 3000 mAh Samsung SDI Power Bank (PBS-30)

You can call it a mini power bank, because it’s so much small as it can be easily kept in your pocket without letting you feel heavy. It has batteries from Samsung which means you will get the best possible specs and durability. It offers a battery backup of 3000 mAh and you can charge your devices like smartphones or media players on the go with an ease.

Cost: Rs 449


If you won’t be able to decide that which power bank will be the best for you, then go for any one from the above provided list. All of the above mentioned power banks are great and have won a trust of big crowd. You won’t get a deal better than this at this price point.






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