5 Best Power Banks Under 1,000 Rs. in India 2015

Smartphones are getting so much powerful with each passing day, and it’s obvious that the higher power will need more battery, which means your smartphone battery will drain at a much faster rate. But you can overcome this problem by choosing one power bank from this list. So buy one and stay charged.

1. Hitech HI-PLUS-H90 10000 mAh

The best thingthat this 10000 mAh Power Bank from Hitech is that it has an onboard display to indicate all the detailed information about the power bank itself. So that we can be able to know that how much power is left there into the power bank and when do we need to charge it back. It contains 10,000 mAh of capacity that means you can charge all your power hungry devices like tablets, smartphones, iPads on the go without running out of battery.

Cost: Rs 1000

2. Safe Care PH50 Power Bank 10000 mAh

This excellent power bank has 2 USB ports for charging two devices at a single instance of time. USB1 port provides DC5V 2.1A of MAX current top charge the devices at a faster rate, while the other port USB2 provides output of DC5V 1A MAX in order to charge the devices that require a lower charging current. The power bank uses lithium ion batteries thus making it completely safe and reliable for theportability. You can take it along with you on any trip or hiking.

Cost: Rs 999

3. Intex 10000 mAh Power Bank (IT-PB10k) 10000 mAh

Intex has an edge over other brands that manufacture power banks, as Intex is there from a long time and has a huge number of products related to IT and electronics. Intex has got a trust from Millions. This powerbank packs a power of 10,000 mAh, which means, now your devices won’t run out of power. As it has got 3 USB ports, thus you can charge 3 devices simultaneously. All of the 3 USB ports provide enough power.

Cost: Rs 999

4. Zebronics ZEB PG10000 10000 mAh

This powerbank comes from a brand like Zebronics. It packs 10000 mAh of capacity which enables you to charge up your devices multiple times once it is fully charged. The cable that comes along with this power bank is of great quality as well and you will get 1 year warranty as well.

Cost: Rs 899

5. Ambrane P-6000 6000 mAh

Ambrane P-6000 6000 mAh

This powerbank has a sleek look and hasgot a charge capacity of 6000 mAh. You can charge your smartphone or tablet for a fewer times by using this power bank, before charging the power bank itself. It comes equipped with a mini display for displaying all the details about charging and this adds an extra feature and makes it stand out of the crowd. There are a number of power banks in the market, but this one is incredibly smarter than others.

Cost: Rs 874


Power banks have become one of the most important smartphone accessories these days. The above mentioned smartphones are the five best ones and will cost you an amount lower than 1000 rupees.

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  1. Nice stuff regarding best power banks under rs 1000. I’ve two power banks ambrane p111 from amazon which is 10000mAh and the other one PTron 16800 mAh power bank from LatestOne.com Both were good at performance gives me 3 and 4 full charging for my lenovo. But the ambrane p111 is little bulky to in hands.

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