5 Best Petrol Cars Under 10 Lakhs in India 2015

With the increase in the models of cars, the difficulty of choosing the right car that fits in your budget is also increased. When it comes to selecting the best cars by remaining in their price range, customers are spoilt for the right bahcesehir escort choice. So if you want to buy car that is a hit in the market and that fits exactly what you need, then you are at right place.

Check the list of top 5 cars in India that ranges with in the price range of 10 Lakhs.

5. Fiat Linea

When it comes to Fiat Linea, it is the premier car that you can buy in your budget. It is the best car with spacious internal cabin with leg and head space with the availability of ABS in high end trim and the sleek and stylish lustrous metal body. The Fiat Linea is quite easy to handle and provides a decent mileage 12 Kmpl in city traffic and 15.7 Kmpl on the expressways. It is available in the unique price of 9 lakhs RS. In India.

4. Volkswagen Vento

Counting on next is the manufacture from Volkswagen, Vento is the attractive sedan that comes in market with the thousands of features like increased fuel efficiency, maximum security and attractive metal body. The economical price of the Vento is 8 Lakhs in India with the mileage of 18.19 Kmpl on city roads and 20.64 Kmpl on the highways.

3. Hyundai Verna

Next on the list is the Hyundai 4S Fluidic Verna. Due to its ultimate performance and attractive looks it stands on number in our ranking. Not only due to its performance but several other features are important for its popularity like its audio system, safety standards, after sales services and spacious interior as well. All these features come in the very decent price of RS. 7.13 Lakhs in India with the decent mileage of 13 Kmpl on the traffic dense roads and 16 Kmpl on the highways for petrol.

2. Renault Duster

The latest model from the Renault Group in the Indian market. Renault Duster is the one of the excellent production of this company as this production makes a standard in the Indian markets and Indian people. The car is stylish yet spacious with the good petrol economy. The estimated mileage of this vehicle suggests that it can drive almost 14 Kmpl within the city and approx. 19.5 Kmpl on the highways. The car is attractive that also comes in the attractive price of RS. 8.3 Lakhs in India.

1. Maruti Ciaz

Maruti Ciaz

Standing on the top in our list, Maruti Ciaz is the best model of sedan that comes in the price range of RS. 9.6 Lakhs in India. Maruti has always been a name in India because of the Ciaz and its excellent features. Interior design, comfort and a rel=”dofollow” href=”http://bahcesehirkonut.com/” target=”_blank” title=”escort bahcesehir”>escort bahcesehir safety, great after sales service are the plus points of Maruti Ciaz. It runs with 19.12 Kmpl with in city roads and 20.73 Kmpl on highways.

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