5 Best Mixer Grinder Under 4,000 Rs. in India 2017

Mixer Grinders are common and also significant for the Indian Kitchen. There is hardly any Indian Cuisine is made without the appliances. Due to the high popularity and usage one needs high featured and best quality grinders. However, the features are always dependent on the budget and if you have budget under INR 4000, then you have multiple options. Here are the five best Mixer Grinders available in this budget.

1. Usha 3473 750 W Mixer Grinder

Usha 3473 750 W Mixer Grinder

Usha is one of the leading brands in India known for quality products. The Mixer Grinder is one of the best products available for INR 3345. It has 3 Jars with high speed blades. The quality grinder makes sure that all the kitchen requirements are filled. It can be used for any type of grinding including Chutney, Dry and Wet grinding.

2. Morphy Richardson Icon Essential MG 600 W Mixer Grinder

Morphy Richardson Icon Essential MG 600 W Mixer Grinder

Morphy Richardson has one of the best grinders under this budget. The grinder is priced at INR 3740. The high speed 5 blades are well capable of producing high performance grinding. It can be used for multiple grinding purposes including dry, wet and chutney. It can also be used as juicer. As far as performance is concerned, Murphy can assure the highest quality.

3. Philips HL1645/00 750 W Mixer Grinder


Philips is one of the largest and best electronic manufacturer in the world. One of the best grinders under this budget, Philips has priced this product at INR 3888. It has designated 3 Speed blades for high quality grinding. Wet, Dry and even Chutney grinding can be achieved efficiently with this Mixer Grinder. It has the Setting of auto shutoff in case of voltage overload.

4. Preethi Eco Plus MG 157 750 W Mixer Grinder

This is a high quality grinder for the kitchen purposes. This has been designed to satisfy the Indian Kitchen needs. The high performance Grinder has been priced at INR 3990. All the kinds of grinding is possible with this Grinder with equal efficiency. You can use it for Dry grinding, Wet grinding and even for Chutney. It has multipurpose use and can be effectively user as a Juicer as well.

5. Panasonic MX AC 300H 550 W Mixer Grinder

This is one of the best Mixer Grinder in the market under INR 4000. The quality product has been priced at INR 3990. This grinder is loaded with features. It has the Auto shutoff feature that can be used as the overload protection. Also there are special features like locking system and mincing for the benefits of the users. You can perform all kind of grinding including wet, dry and chutney.

The Mixer Grinders are very popular in the market. They are high performing under this budget and also has value for money. So, if you are looking for some reliable and durable grinders under this budget, these are the best that you can get. All the products come with the warranty from the makers.






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