5 Best Digital Cameras Cost Under 5,000 Rs. In India 2015

Cameras provide the memories of your best moments in life by capturing them. The markets of digital cameras have expanded a lot during the 21st century because of the trends of making pictures and photographs of the best moments of their lives. The trend is same all across the globe. The youth are fond of making pictures of themselves and of their friends and relatives so that they can remember them in the future.

There are numerous brands of digital cameras in the world. Following are the best popular digital cameras in India that lies under the price of 5,000.

5. Panasonic Lumix DMC-LS5

The camera from the Panasonic is endured to be stand on number 5th on our list because of its outstanding picture resolution and stylish design. It is the compact size of digital camera that offers an effective resolution of 14.1 megapixels with the 5x optical zooming capacity. It also features the lens stabilization system that is effective in fighting against the blur and camera shake. The inbuilt memory storage of the Lumix is about 10 MB and is powered by 2 x AA Battery. All these features come in the economic price of about 4,549 RS. In India.

4. Sony Cybershot DSC-S5000

Next on our list is the product from the Japanese Company, Sony. This digital camera offers 14.1 megapixel cameras that have the ability of optical zooming up to 5 xs. It is one of the most impressive models that have unique pointing and shooting capacity with the face detection technology. It also offers 4 different picture effects with the intelligent auto mode with the striking cost of only RS. 4,300 in India with the Memory Stick Pro Duo.

3. Fujifilm FinePix AX300

The ideal digital camera for the ideal photography is the FinePix from the Fujifilm. The camera allows the easy user interface for the users and also provides the 14 megapixels camera with the image sensors and the face and smile detection technology is also built in. the camera have the 5x optical Zooming lens with the focal length of 5.9 -29.5 mm. it also offers the continuous shooting with the support of class 4 card. The price of this camera in India is only RS. 4,199.

2. Canon PowerShot A1200

The sleekly designed camera that comes in the adorable colors of black and silver shots all the best moments of your life. The features that Canon PowerShot includes are 12.1 MP cameras that captures 28 mm wide picture, with 2.7 inches screen, with the 18 MB internal storage and it has the ability of optical zooming up to 4X with the face detection technology. The camera also offers the long battery time of almost 8 hours with playback time. The price for the A1200 is only about RS. 4,650 in India.

1. Nikon Coolpix L25

Nikon Coolpix L25

The latest trendy model from the Nikon is the Coolpix L25 that captures the best moments in the pictures with the 10.1 MP camera and motion blur reduction technology is also built in. it has the optical zooming capacity of about 5X with the 3 inches LCD size and Hi-Speed USB interface. Internal memory of this camera is about 20 MB and contains the long lasting battery time. All these features come under the attractive price of about RS. 4,840 in India.






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