5 Best Bluetooth Headsets under Rs. 1000 in India 2017

Mobile Phones are the integral part of daily life now. People require phones for almost every purpose. However, situations arrive when you want use the headsets to remains hands free while speaking over to someone or listening to your favorite music. Gone are those days when people used to wear the earphones to do that. The modern technology has given the Bluetooth Headsets that are easy to use, wireless and also superior in quality. There are various ranges of Bluetooth Headsets available in India but the specifications and features depend upon the budget. If you are looking for a Bluetooth Headset under INR 1000 then here are the five options that you can choose from.

1. Nokia BH-110U Wireless Headset

Nokia BH-110U Wireless Headset

This is one of the best Ear Clip design headsets under this budget. The attractive design and high audio qualities are the driving force behind the Bluetooth Headsets. The range of the Bluetooth device is 10 meters. The performance of the headset can be measured with Talk Time duration of 6 hours and stand by time of 120 hours. The Bluetooth Device is available for INR 788.

2. Bluedio DF200 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Bluedio DF200 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

This is a Bluetooth Headset with lot of features. You have the iconic control for the ease of use along with the high quality audio. There is noise reduction features that make the sound even more clear and comfortable for the ears. It has talk time duration of 4.5 hours and stand by time of 100 hours. You can take calls and play music in quick time with headset. It is priced at INR 620.

3. Samsung BHM1100NBEGINU-ACE-PLUS Headset

Samsung BHM1100NBEGINU-ACE-PLUS Headset

The Ear Clip design with appealing looks of the headset makes it one of the most popular Bluetooth Headsets in the market. There is built in microphone for the device with high quality of audio. The quick response time of the device makes it even more attractive. Apart from performance, this also has a longer Talk time duration of 14 hours. The product is priced at INR 949 and is very durable.

4. Jabra BT 2046 Bluetooth Headset

Jabra BT 2046 Bluetooth Headset

Jabra is known for making quality electronics product and the Bluetooth Headset is one of the best for the brand. The Clip on Design of the headset looks attractive and has high performance. It has 8 hours of Talk Time duration. As far as the quality of voice is concerned, it has built in microphone and noise reduction system for the audio. The product is priced at INR 720.

5. Plantronics ML2 Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics ML2 Bluetooth Headset

This is one of the best Bluetooth Headsets in the market and is loaded with features. It has 6 hours of Talk Time along with 216 hours of Stand By time. It can be paired up multiple devices. However, it can work with a single device at a time. The Ear Clip design Bluetooth Headset is priced at INR 649.

These Bluetooth Headsets are incredibly popular in the market for high performance and quality, excellent features and affordable budget under INR 1000.






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