5 Basic Life Saving Techniques You Should Know

Disaster often comes without a warning and being armed in advance can actually save lives, particularly in case of medical emergencies. This is the reason why stress is being laid on learning some life saving techniques, which can help common people without medical expertise, make a big difference.

Here are some basic life-saving techniques you should know:

1. CPR


CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation is the basis and all important life saving technique which each of us needs to know, as it can help a person suffering from cardiac arrest and make the difference between life and death before help arrives. A class for leaning the proper procedure should be taken as hands on experience is essential to perform it effectively. The technique is also used for choking and drowning cases, when the airway becomes blocked and needs to be cleared to restore normal breathing and revive the person. CPR differs for adults, young children and babies and for this reason, you need to get professional training for performing a CPR in real life situations.

2. Techniques to stop bleeding

Techniques to stop bleeding

When a person suffers a bleeding injury, the first aid technique to stop bleeding comes handy as heavy bleeding can have life threatening consequences. The timing also matters because it has to be stopped as soon as possible. The technique involves cleaning and bandaging the wound and also elevating it to prevent the flow of blood from it. Arterial bleeding needs special attention because it is a reason to be concerned and pressure may be needed to be applied for stopping or slowing it down.

3. First Aid for Burn Injuries

First Aid for Burn Injuries

Burn injuries make one of the most injuries in everyday life and awareness first aid for such injuries can save the day for the person who has suffered from them. The area should be washed with cold water and also be cooled with a moist compress for immediate needs. Simple burns can just be cleaned and left uncovered, while more intensive burns require immediate medical attention.

4. Emergency Delivery

Emergency Delivery

Another life saving technique that everyone should be aware of is emergency delivery as such a situation can arise anytime and at any place. When a pregnant woman goes into labor with no medical help nearby, staying calm is the most important thing. Study the contractions and gently hold the baby’s head as the crowning takes place. Deliver the baby and wrap it in a clean towel, clearing his mouth of needed. Cut the cord safely only if you are not getting medical aid soon.

5. Using first aid kit

Using first aid kit

The importance of keeping a well stacked first aid kit at home and while travelling cannot be ignored. You should know how to tie bandages, clean wounds and use tweezers to remove debris from them. Additional knowledge about various conditions and medications for them can also be of great help in saving lives.

All these techniques should be well known to every person as these can help them rescue their loved ones from imminent dangers they may come across in their lives.

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