2016 Masterchef India 5 Selected Contestants Name With Photos

Umaid Bhavan Palace, a taj luxury ventured in Jodhpur this is where the grand beginning of Masterchef India Season 5 took place. The judges being Vikas Khanna, Kunal Kapur and Zorawar kalra, each an expert in their own field and style, to taste the dishes prepared by the aspiring contestants. 30 contestants participated in the contest who had come from around the world with their talent and passion for cooking. Entry of the judges was superb with Chef Kunal Kapur entering on a bike.

Participant Details:

Of the 30 participants only 16 got selected for masterchef India season 5. For the participants to get selected, they had to prepare dishes and present them to the judges. The participants were divided into groups. With the first one being Mirvaan, Kirti and Prateek. Mirvan had made spicy prawns with citric salad. Kriti had made a dish called Baked Gulab Yogurt with lychee Mint Concasse. Prateeks dish was Chicken Empandas with Badam dukkah.

About Selected Contestant

Group 1: Mirvaan a 19-year-old artist won the first white apron and took his step towards being one of the 16 contestants that got selected. The second group members were Ruhi, Anagha and Sidhharth. In this group, Ruhi had made Palak cake and peanut Caramel. Anagha’s dish was saoji chicken with bhakri tacos and Siddharth had made Chai smoked chicken with mango whiskey salsa.

Group 2: Two people won the white apron from this group. First being Anagha who is a 44-year-old product manager in San Francisco and the other one was Siddharth, A 46-year-old vice president in a M.N.C company. Both sharing the same passion for cooking. Yet another contestant to move forward to the top 16 from the third group was Ajay, a 24-year-old student from jammu. Next to win the white apron was Pradip. He should be taken as an inspiration for being a 69-year-old, he is a trekker and his passion for cooking has brought him to master chef and he has proven his worth by moving forward to the top 16.

Group 3: Next up to win the white apron was a 21-year-old lawyer, Dinesh. Who was followed by Jatin, a telecom agent from Ludhiana. Samantha, a café owner from dhreadun with her passion and skills in cooking successfully won the white apron and took the leap to the next level. Not from a professional background but being a housewife was Rohini from gurugram who won the white apron as well.

Group 4: Yet another group in the competition was that of Abhilasha, Pooja and Ashwin. From this group, Abhilasha had made a yummy Nut Khat Sandesh. Pooja’s dish was Deconstructed Punjabi Samosa with Launji and Ashwin’s dish was named Bisibele Bhath. From this group the judges had selected two contestants who moved to the next level. One being Abhilasha, a 29-year-old home maker from purulia and next being Ashwin, a food blogger by profession truly had shown his passion for food.

All of these were slected to move forward to the next level but still the judges had to select five more contestants to complete the total of 16 contestants who were to move forward to the next level. So yet another task was held amongst the rest of the contestants to give them a chance to prove their worth. The contestants had to strive hard to get to the final 5 positions that were left. Amongst them the first one to win the white apron was sadaf, following him was Ashima, who was followed by Shipra following whom was Kirti and last but not the least was a 37-year-old housewife Shreelaxmi. There was a beautiful smile on the faces of the contestants on getting selected for the next level. Even the judges were too glad to select them but had a hard time selecting them.

Take a look of the 16 selected contestants name with their photos:

1. Mirvaan


2. Siddharth


3. Anagha


4. Samantha


5. Rohini


6. Dinesh


7. Pradip


8. Jatin


9. Ashwin


10. Abhilasha


11. Syed Sadaf

Syed Sadaf

12. Ashima


13. Shipra


14. Kirti


15. SreeLakshmi Prabhu

SreeLakshmi Prabhu

16. Ajay


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The rest of the contestants had to return home but with a hope that they shall return for the next season and strive harder than before and surely get selected and probably be the next masterchef. Hopes and expectations were now high for the participants who moved on to the next round. Each one will have to work hard and show off their cooking skills to move forward and win Masterchef India Season 5.






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