10 Interesting Facts about Gatimaan Express

Gatimaan Express is the fastest train in India. This Fast train just finished its trial run and is now all set to run in the tracks. The train covered the distance of 195 kilometers in just 115 minutes. Though, on its first day the train came 10 minutes late, therefore the arrival time became 115 minutes, otherwise escort sirinevlerit was just 105 minutes. It is a semi-high speed and the train will be launched in the third week of June. The train is even faster than the Shatabdi Express. It is also said that the train will be running from Delhi to Agra and that it will reach the place in less than two hours. The Shatabdi Express took exactly 2 hours halkali escort to reach Agra, but Gatimaan will be taking 15 minutes late, provided its on time. The speed of this train is 160 kmph, which makes it the fastest train the country. There are many interesting facts about this train that one must know. Here is a list of top 10 Interesting escort halkali Facts about Gatimaan Express.

10. The Coaches are designed consulting the RDSO

The Coaches of the Gatimaan Express are designed, keeping in mind and also consulting the Research development and standard organization that is RDSO. This makes the coaches good.

Gatimaan Express

9. The cost of AC Chair Car is 750 rupees

The cost of an AC Chair Car in Gatimaan Express is rupees 750, which is 25% higher than the chair car cost of the Shatabdi Express, which might not be preferred by many.

8. Cost of one Executive Class Ticket is 1500 Rupees

One of the most interesting facts about Gatimaan Express is that the Executive Class Ticket in the Gatimaan Express will cost you 1500 rupees. You might wonder, that why so high prices, but there is a reason for everything.

7. The Train is made with a very strong engine

The Gatimaan Express is made with 5400 horsepower, which is huge. It simply means that 5400 horses will be pulling the entire train. Now this is one interesting fact.

6. Gatimaan Express is made with high technologies

The train and its coaches has an automatic fire alarm, passenger information system, fancy sliding doors, emergency braking system and many more fancy things, which you haven’t seen in the normal trains. Now you know, why the high cost.

5. Number of coaches in the train

The Gatimaan Express with have 12 coaches and all coaches will be fancy and full of technologies.

4. Every Coach in the train is made of rupees 2.5 crore

The coaches of the Gatimaan Express costs 2.5 crores, which is a very huge amount and the cost is mainly because of the high technologies that they have used. It is one of the top ten interesting facts about the gatimaan express. Ever thought the government will spend so much on one coach. Interesting, indeed.

3. Every Seat has LCD

Gatimaan Express

There is LCD stuck to every chair, where you can relax and watch a movie. This 8 inch LCD will keep you entertained in your journey. Just like how you see in the planes, where the LCD’s are fixed on the back of every seats, in a similar fashion the Gatimaan Express will have the LCD’s fixed on every chair.

2. You can also stream live TV on these LCD’s

One of the most interesting facts about the Gatimaan Express and the fact that they have put LCDs is that after few days, once the train is on the run, the Satellite will power the coaches, where you will be able to watch live TV. Now that is damn interesting.

1. The Delhi-Agra route is fenced and also the signaling system has been upgraded

The Delhi Agra route has been upgraded and also the signaling strength has been improved, which will make it easier to travel and also focus on the directions.






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  1. Kapil Kumar Avatar

    You have not mentioned anything about train hostess of gatimaan express 🙂

  2. Amit Pandat Avatar
    Amit Pandat

    Why 750? while Shatabdi (fare rs 500 around) has the same features except LCD

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