10 Interesting Facts About Free Basic Internet

India is storming with many debates for the Free Basic Internet. There are sections of people who are claiming it good for the users and then there are people raising voice against it to support Net Neutrality. There are many theories and many explanations behind the utility of the Free Basic. However, the Free Basic Internet is comprised of some features and that are the important points to be considered to understand what Free Basic Internet is. As a user, one must understand the features before coming to any conclusion and follow the debates. Here are the Top 10 interesting things about Free Basic Internet claimed by Internet.org along with others.

10. Mobile Operators

The Free Basic Internet is accessible for any Mobile Operator. However, the Mobile Operator must join the Free Basic Internet in order to provide the service to the users. The features claimed by the Internet.org are to connect India and they would expect the mobile operators to come forward and join the brigade.

9. Free Basics

Basically, there will be no charge for the Free Basic Internet provided by the services. However, the Free Basic services will be decided by the Internet.org and would be provided to you. A person can access internet with no cost but only few of the limited websites. However, if you want to use anything else, you need to pay for it. The costs of using the other websites or services are not yet released.

8. Data Consumption

There will be no Data Consumption for the Free Basic Internet. However, it will be applicable only to selected services. If anyone wishes to use other services, the data consumption would be present. However, the details of the data consumption are not clear as well.

7. Who can join Free Basic?

A developer or a publisher is free to join the Free Basic services. However, there are certain tech specifications described by the Internet.org that needs to be maintained. All the developers who are satisfying the criteria are free to join the services. However, the final decision should be with Internet.org.

6. Who are with Free Basics?

As of now, Internet.org has claimed to have the support of 800 developers in India. It has been informed that all of them have signed up for the Free Basic Internet.

Free Basic Internet

5. Pay for the Free Services

The Free Basics claim to offer the free services at a time when customer pays for the services that are free. It is said that Free Service would connect more people as they need not to pay for the services that are free.

4. Free Basic presence

Free is already present in 36 countries in the world and is growing. Free Basic is considered to have bought enormous benefits and connected more people in these countries. India is not the first country for Free Basic implementation.

3. Facebook Poll

 Facebook recently carried out a poll for the Free Basic in India. The result was overwhelming for Free Basics; almost 86% of people on the poll supported the Free Basics on the pole at the primary stage. People agreed that Free Basic should be implemented in the country.

2. TRAI Petition

People are sending petition to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or TRAI for and against Free Basic Internet. The figures for the petition on both the side are overwhelming and rapidly surging. With so many campaigns for the petition for and against the Free Basics Internet, the numbers are expected to increase. The final decision of the implementation should be taken on the response of the petition.

1. No Add on Facebook

Facebook has not posted any ad for Free Basic in a condition not to generate any revenue from it. Facebook claimed that the Free Basic is only for connecting India.

There is range of debates, opinions and arguments on the Free Basic Internet and one must decide about it wisely.






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