10 Funny Characters Of May I Come In Madam? Life Ok Serial With Their Real Names & Pics

“May I come in Madam” is a show which is airing on Life Ok, with a simple comedy genre. It is an Indian fiction which was premiered on 7 March 2016 and running till date. Audiences are now bored from the monotonous serials as they don’t want any new tension in their mind. The filmmakers are Nilopher Kohli and Sanjay Kohli who has also another comedy show named “Bhabhi ji GharPe Hain”. The show was created and directed by Shashank Bali. The production company name Edit II production channel and Life OK has also get popularity on social media because of May I come In Madam? The show has ample of audience.

Story Plot

This comedy genre is in the heart of audiences.The story revolves around a family in which a son-in-law has mother and brother-in –laws with his wife, residing at his home.  The entire star cast including Chedi Hites hiare creating new and small moments to make it a laughing mob. He is playing the role of father of boss Sanjana. Chedi Hiteshi always flirts with Ramvati. The show has an employee, employee’s wife, his brother-in-law, mother-in-law, lift man, a friend of employee, a grocery man, a neighbour, neighbour’s wife. Sajan Agarwal has a crush on his boss and he continuously brings new ideas from his friend to impress her. The boss and her father is also a character which makes everyone smile. Sanjana is the best friend of Kashmira and shares everything with her.This serial of Life OK are pulling out the tensions of audience from their mind, and filling it with joy. May I come In Madam shows some entertaining part of Husband-wife relationship and flirtatious nature of males towards their smart and attractive boss.

Listed below is the main Star Cast of the show May I come in Madam? 

1. Sandeep Anand as Sajan Agarwal/ Sanju/ Mr.Sajan

Sandeep AnandSajan Agarwal is a mentally tortured by his mother-in-law and Bhupesh. He falls in love with his boss, Sanjana Hiteshi. He always searches reason to impress his Boss. Mr. Sajan is the manager and creative head of Use Me Advertising.

2. Sapna Sikarwar as Kashmira Agarwal/ Daadi

Sapna SikarwarSapna Sikarwar is essaying the role of Sajan’s wife, Kashmira. She is beautiful, affectionate, and loving too. She always keeps an eye on her husband.  She is very near to her grandmother, and if she is very dull or aggressive mood, her grandmother occupies her body and beats the person who is near to her. Her grandmother changes her eyes black to white as well as voice becomes husky.

3. Shoma Rathod as Ramvati

Shoma RathodShoma Rathod character name is Ramvati, who is also mother of Kashmira and Bhuepesh. She is the mother-in-law of Sajan, always wants to be Chedi Hiteshi. A comic character who has “Nawab Saheb” word in her lines and she talks indirectly to everyone.

4. Neha Pendse as Sanjana Hiteshi

Neha PendseShe plays the role of Sanjana (Madam) who is very straightforward and mysterious. She is friend of Sajan’s wife, Kashmira and calls her “Kash”. It sometimes often bullies Sajan.

5. Anup Upadhyay as Mr.Chedilal Hiteshi

Anup UpadhyayAnup Upadhyay is playing the role of Chedilal Hiteshi, the father of Boss Sanjana. He is doing multiple jobs in his company; Anup is the chairman of Use Me Advertising and also the peon of the company. He wears spectacles for becoming boss and removing spectacles he comes in the role of Chedi, peon. He always keeps eye on the employee and Sajan also.

6. Melissa Pais as TV Program Presenter Kamini

Melissa Pais

Mellisa Pais is the TV anchor who sometimes comes in The May I Come in Madam.

7. Deepesh Bhan as Bhupesh

Deepesh BhanDeepesh Bhan is essaying the role of Bhupesh who is Sajan’s Brother-in-law and also pursues Sajan. He also works in the same office of Use me Advertising with brother-in-law. He also likes Sanjana Madam.

8. Vaibhav Mathur as Sajan’s Neighbour

Sajan Neighbour role is played by Vaibhav Mathur, who fights with him. His wife flirts with Sajanin the show.

9. Feroz as Vegetable’s Seller

Feroz is playing the role of vegetable seller and he always talks to Kashmira for sharing spicy talks.


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