10 Beautiful Pics of Hottest Lisa Haydon

About Her: Lisa is a famous model and Indian actress who recently got famous for her acting in the Bollywood movie Queen (came in the year 2014). Her full name is Elisabeth Marie Haydon. She was born in Chennai, India. Her father’s name is Mr Venkat and her Australian mother name is Mrs Anna Haydon. Her sister is also a model, named Mallika Haydon. She had already started the modelling in Australia with her 1st project being for the stretch mark cream.Then, she got stimulated by her sister’s modelling performances in India, and then she took decision of moving to India.She used to live in Australia and USA before moving to India in the year 2007 to pursue her modelling career. Then, she walked the ramp for big famous brands in India. Afterwards, she was noticed by the Indian Actor Anil Kapoor in a coffee bar and almost immediately her agent got a phone call for a character in the film Aisha.

Birth Date: 17th June 1986
Height / Weight: 178 cm / 53 Kg
Relationship Status: Single

Below are the beautiful pics of Lisa haydon:

Lisa Haydon






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